Perhaps more than any other business domain, healthcare has undergone drastic changes in the last several years and promises to continue evolving rapidly in the years ahead. Pressure to improve services and outcomes while reducing the cost of delivery has pushed technology to the forefront of its key requirements, especially with respect to information management programs such as electronic health records, health information exchanges, ICD-10 adoption, and meaningful-use standards. And the enactment of national health care reform legislation will have an ongoing and significant impact on the already complex informational needs of the healthcare field.

Fortunately, RedMane understands healthcare. Very well.

That’s what allows us to tailor powerful and innovative solutions to meet our clients’ needs. Whether integrating COTS software, developing custom extensions, or modernizing and transforming existing data systems, RedMane brings to bear the extensive experience of our personnel and their deep understanding of domains such as health insurance, business intelligence and analytics, document management, and Medicaid to create solutions that are robust, flexible and easily adapted to changes in the business domain.

The health of healthcare depends, in part, on its ability to maintain the wellness of its information management programs.

At RedMane, the doctor is in.