Human Services

At RedMane, we are proud to own a long and successful track record of helping human services agencies meet the needs of their clients and the ever-changing demands of their business and political environments. By taking a whole-business approach, we are able to provide insight into their business practices and to develop business systems that help them maximize their efficiency and truly “do more with less.”

Sometimes, our work involves solution integration of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) software. Other times, it involves developing custom software or modernizing and transforming legacy systems to preserve and give new life to their tried-and-true business operations. But regardless of the type of work involved, our experience and understanding of state and federal human services programs allows us to create solutions that result in increased client self-service, enhanced efficiency for staff, and improved program outcomes.

We have deep domain expertise in areas such as Medicaid, Child Support Enforcement (CSE), TANF, SNAP, Childcare, and Child Welfare. And our slate of solutions has encompassed everything from developing case management systems and integrating enterprise COTS solutions to designing business intelligence functions, creating web-based client interfaces, and more.

And because our business analysts and subject matter experts (SMEs) possess deep understanding of state policies and federal regulations, we are perfectly positioned to recommend innovative solutions and specific technologies to meet our clients’ needs.

To help them carry out their vital work of delivering their services to citizens in need.