Just as individuals and businesses depend on their insurance providers for financial peace of mind, insurance providers rely on RedMane to ensure that they can meet the challenges of operating in their fast-paced and rapidly changing field. At RedMane, we have designed and developed solutions for a wide variety of insurance functions—from COBRA to third-party liability and underwriting to enrollment. And we have done so for providers in many different fields and products, including medical, property and casualty, life, and disability.

And now, with the advent of national healthcare reform and state benefit health exchanges, it is more important than ever to have RedMane expertise on your side. Our knowledge of insurance enrollment processes and familiarity with Medicaid eligibility determination gives us a leg up when it comes to understanding the new and varied challenges faced by insurance carriers and states.

From managing claims information to streamlining processes such as billing and payment processing, RedMane provides the peace of mind that comes from employing robust and flexible software solutions to meet our clients’ needs.

And peace of mind is what insurance is all about.