Custom Development

Sometimes the business world presents special needs that can only be met by custom software.

That’s when it’s time to turn to RedMane.

For custom software projects, RedMane brings to bear a dedication to good design and all the components of our tried-and-true project- and application-management methodologies. By using multi-tier design techniques that separate the presentation, business, and database layers of the software requirements, we are able to quickly identify the best and most efficient approaches to developing solutions that meet our clients’ needs. And by partnering with our clients throughout the development life cycle, we ensure that the final product fully meets its business goals.

Our methodologies and techniques have proven successful across a broad spectrum of programming languages, and our development teams possess the special knowhow that comes from years of experience with a wide variety of business applications.

And in addition to their application-specific functionality, the systems we design and develop are scalable, restartable, and recoverable.

Some business needs are adequately met by non-custom software.

For those that require special handling, there is RedMane.