Solution Integration

To get the most from your commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software, it must be fully integrated into your business, not simply for data exchange between systems but also with respect to its overall utility and relationship to your business practices. The most option-rich software is nearly useless if its functionality is at odds with or not in sync with your business.

This is where RedMane can help.

We come to the solution-integration table with a powerful combination of deep domain expertise and years of real-world experience implementing COTS software—both of which give us a unique awareness of the special challenges and strategic choices that need to be made when working with COTS solutions. By performing “gap analysis” and applying our time-tested COTS integration methodology, we are able to help our clients achieve the proper balance between changing the software to conform to business practices and changing business practices to conform to the software. And to leverage the software for maximum effect.

From our partnerships with COTS vendors to the intensive, six-to-eight-week “boot camps” we conduct to train our analysts and developers in the unique aspects of individual COTS products, RedMane stands proudly at the industry forefront when it comes to solution integration. And when we use the word integration, we mean the total solution. From data conversion and interface integration to project management, requirements definition, gap analysis, development, design, testing, implementation, training, and support.

In the business world, you must maximize the horsepower of your COTS software to keep up with the other racers on the track.

Bring it into our shop. We’ll look under the hood.