Strategic Business Discovery

At RedMane, we know that business applications are not developed in a vacuum. To be useful and effective, they must address the specific business needs of the client. But to do so, those needs must be completely and accurately known.

Which is why we offer strategic business discovery and definition.

During a RedMane strategic business analysis, we work with the client to develop a clear understanding of the project requirements and a thorough definition of the relevant business rules and system design from a business perspective. By taking this important first step, we are able to ensure that the software design is based on a detailed and pragmatic definition of the business requirements, which, in turn, allows us to develop solutions that are both comprehensive and ideally suited to the client needs.

To conduct this discovery-and-definition analysis, our experienced software architects work with high-level management personnel on the client side to establish the exact parameters of their business needs. The result is a clearly defined plan to move forward—a plan that is both practical and actionable.

Simply put, the success of any business application development project hinges on understanding and addressing the client’s business needs—needs that can only be fully revealed by strategic business discovery and definition. At RedMane, we are experts in such analysis, and we know how to apply it for maximum effect.

Which is why our projects succeed.